music composer

Composing: Local Girl

Mike was contacted by the lovely Eva Marie Wilshere who had been on the look out for a composer to add some romantic/atmospheric music to a scene in her beautifully shot short film, 'Local Girl'. We snapped up the opportunity and collaborated with her to underscore her picture in time for the festivals. Local Girl was shown on a number of nights at the Brighton Media Festival during the summer of 2014.

Composing: Survival

Survival is the first short film produced by Silver Lining Pictures during the summer of 2014 and shot on location in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Mike was luck enough to spend the day with the team during filming before taking on the responsibilities of producing and mixing an original score for the short film.

Composing: Bleeding Fingers Competition Entered!

Mike has just completed my submission for the Bleeding Fingers competition, in which composers are invited to “reimagine, replay, recompose or revise to your heart’s content” the “Destiny’s Door” cue originally composed by Hans Zimmer. The lucky three winners get the opportunity to work full time in Los Angeles for Bleeding Fingers alongside high respected composers at Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions facility.

You can vote for and listen to his cue at the following location, or just hear it via the sound cloud embed below: -
Bleeding Fingers -

Mike chose to rearrange the track adding his own counterpoint and orchestrated and the cue based around the main theme. The project was amazingly fun to work with, just having access the stems and being able to analyse and transcribe each individual section was overwhelming!