Composing: One Day

Mike has just finished scoring "One Day", a short documentary film which has been created in the hope of raising mental health awareness worldwide. Both the film and the score have been released and can viewed/heard below.

Mental health is an important conversation which has not been had in many areas of society, we hope our contribution to this film will help to continue spreading the word!

Mike’s score for “One Day” is also available to buy and stream via AEPL, please check out our Releases page for imformation.

Composing: Frankie Fraser: His Last Interview

Silver Lining Pictures have just released their first online documentary film focused on the life of Frankie Fraser, a notorious gangster from London in the 1960s. The film begins with a brief introduction to Fraiser himself, detailing some of his crimes and experiences before moving onto the last documented interview with Frankie himself just before his death at the end of 2014.

Silver Lining Pictures were looking for an ambient, but ominous soundscape to use in the background of their film and subsequently licensed Mike's track "Lurking In The Delta Waves" from the AEP Library. Impressively, they managed to use the entire 13 minute track!

Mike designed the concept track just a few months ago stating, "I guess the concept is based around sleep, relaxation, nightmares and the fear/uncertainty of your subconscious mind, a place we all go when we are in our deepest sleep and almost anything is possible...".

In addition to providing the musical score for the documentary, we also helped to edit and level the voiceover recordings to ensure you never struggle to hear what is being said throughout the documentary.

Composing: Night Owls

Check out Mike’s latest scored project, Night Owls. He recounts the experience below.

Night Owls was a photography workshop devised by Julia Horbaschk for the Brighton Digital Festival. The workshop evolved into an event with the support of Daniel Harrera (MD of the Dream Factory), Filmmaker Roy Peterson (aka Roy Zoner), Make up Artist Elena Peratikos, model Violetta and a small crew of volunteers.

Julia informed me about Roy’s filming and initially asked me if I had any pre existing material that I would be willing to contribute to the project, upon meeting the production team and speaking to Roy, I decided to compose original music for the project.