Composing: Bleeding Fingers Competition Entered!

Mike has just completed my submission for the Bleeding Fingers competition, in which composers are invited to “reimagine, replay, recompose or revise to your heart’s content” the “Destiny’s Door” cue originally composed by Hans Zimmer. The lucky three winners get the opportunity to work full time in Los Angeles for Bleeding Fingers alongside high respected composers at Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions facility.

You can vote for and listen to his cue at the following location, or just hear it via the sound cloud embed below: -
Bleeding Fingers -

Mike chose to rearrange the track adding his own counterpoint and orchestrated and the cue based around the main theme. The project was amazingly fun to work with, just having access the stems and being able to analyse and transcribe each individual section was overwhelming!

Michael W. Bell

Mike was born in South East London in 1988 but moved to Brighton during his early teens where he spent most of his time collecting music and performing rhythm guitar in a local heavy metal band. He later studied both Music Production and Composition for Film & Media at the University of Brighton where he found a passion for working sonically within the visual arts. Now based in London, Mike works as a film composer and sound designer providing bespoke music and sound for any media project you can throw at him through his own production company Aurora Eclipse Productions. Mike’s journey into music composition and production began while studying Music Production when he was commissioned for the first time to compose original music for “Francis” (2011), a short horror film. This was the first time he had approached writing music for an orchestra and fell in love with the whole process. During this time Mike also found himself in the studio, where he successfully produced “Hatriotism”, an EP for Demental, a Brighton (UK) based metal band. While finishing his degree in 2012, Mike was asked to compose a dark ambient orchestral soundscape for the US based band Shores of Acheron. This soundscape is featured on their newly released EP “End of Reign” as well as serving as an opener to the band’s live performance. It was also during this time that he formed his own sonic production company, Aurora Eclipse Productions. Mike has just finished working on the short animation “Æ Har Det Bare Bra” (2013) in which he provided sound design and engineered the sonic environment of the film. Currently, Mike is working with Personatones Ltd. to provide original music and sound for smartphones with his first Personatone 'Cinematic Majesty" due out next week; he is also composing music for the upcoming documentary film "Night Owls" from director Roy Petersen. Mike’s music may be described as dark, haunting, dramatic, atmospheric, orchestral, minimalist, cinematic, modern and textural. Description