Iceni Discography

“We can all of us be gods, do what thou wilt. The power to, lies within... The forces of light and dark, can be wielded... Those whom dwell in the light, and blind to the beauty in darkness”
— From the song, "Disciples Fall... As Gods We Reign"

An exciting bit of news… A little outside of out usual repertoire, but AEPL has recently released all three Iceni records in collaboration with the now defunct (But still living in spirit) Monolithic Records... 

Dating back to 2005 and a bit of a trip down memory lane here as Iceni was the first band our Founder/CEO Michael W. Bell performed in many years ago at a time when music performance was a very new thing to him.

Iceni played raw heavy metal (black metal if you like) using old English themes as inspiration. Go check them out on all major digital distribution networks now!

Release Details

AEP0009 - Iceni - Defiant Healthen Spirit.jpg

ICENI - Defiant Heathen Spirit

AEP0009 - EP
(Original MR Release: 17.01.2005)

AEP0010 - Iceni - As Carnyx Screams Consume The Silence.jpg

ICENI - As Carnyx Screams Consume The Silence

AEP0010 - LP
(Original MR Release: 17.01.2005)

AEP0011 - Iceni - In Spirit of the Old World.jpg

ICENI - In Spirit of the Old World

AEP0011 - LP
(Original MR Release: 17.01.2005)

Michael W. Bell - Blanket (Original Motion Picture Score)

AEP0006 - Michael W. Bell - Blanket.jpg

Blanket (Original Motion Picture Score)

AEP0006 - LP

Wow, our second album release this year, we are on a roll! The release of “Blanket (Original Motion Picture Score)” is is an exciting one for both AEPL and Michael W. Bell as it marks the first release of a full motion picture soundtrack.

Blanket is currently being submitted to film festivals worldwide and were very excited to hear peoples responses, in the meantime, check out the score on your chosen digital music platform or pick it up from our store.

On the composition, the composer had this to say….

“Blanket was a tricky film to write, given the subject matter and minimal dialogue approach, It took me quite a while to discover how to best voice the film musically and keep things minimal enough to not overpower the film. Blanket is a real whirlwind as it tackles a multitude of emotions including depression, happiness, despair. romance, thriller, suspense, horror and regret.. Thank you to everyone who has supported my on this journey thus far, your continued support means the world to me!”
— Michael W. Bell

Michael W. Bell - Awakening, the Early Scores

AEP0003 - Awaking, the Early Scores Cover.jpg

MICHAEL W. BELL - Awaking, the Early Scores

AEP0003 - LP

Our latest AEP release is “"Awakening, The Early Scores"., by Michael W. Bell… Here are some words from the composer on the release.

”Since the turn of 2016, I feel I've grown musically and am moving into newer realms. I wanted a way to catalogue my progress so far..I see all these pieces as stepping stones in terms of my developing as a composer and while these early scores are very minimal and elementary in terms of composition, I'm very proud of them! It's great for me to be able to listen back to some of the films I've worked on; as such, I have created "Awakening, The Early Scores".

We hope you will check it out on your chosen digital store or steaming service...

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