ARK.S - Fireproof

ARK.S - Fireproof

ARK.S - Fireproof

AEP00013 - Single

We finally did it! The debut single “Fireproof” by ARK.S (Produced by Michael W. Bell and released by AEPL) is now circulating around all major digital music outlets worldwide. The response has been humbling to say the least. Find it on your chosen platform via this link.

Mike stepped right out of my comfort zone when he agreed to started working with UK based rapper and movie fanatic @arks9e to produce his first commercial single for release through @aeprodhq... We are really pleased with the results and the reception has been great. The energy and banter in the recording sessions was electric and it was refreshing for us to work on something different... Guess we will be back in the studio with ARK.S soon!

Artist: ARK.S
Music by: Michael W. Bell
Produced by: Michael W. Bell
Photography by: Michelle K. Connop
Cover Design by: Richard Yaxley

Michael W. Bell - Revenge Is Sweet

AEP0012 - Michael W. Bell - Revenge is Sweet.jpg

MICHAEL W. BELL - Revenge Is Sweet

AEP00012 - Single

We recently released “Revenge Is Sweet" a single cue by Michael W. Bell… The cue was originally written for the trailer for “Blanket”, a short film Mike scored some years ago. After years of it being on the shelf, we dusted it off, gave it a bit of a mix and decided to let it go free! Mike explains his cue as “musical storytelling focusing on bittersweet romantic themes, sadness, resentment, anger and of course, vengeance! Some of usual suspects when dealing with a thriller”

Find it now on all major streaming services as well as in our store.

Iceni Discography

“We can all of us be gods, do what thou wilt. The power to, lies within... The forces of light and dark, can be wielded... Those whom dwell in the light, and blind to the beauty in darkness”
— From the song, "Disciples Fall... As Gods We Reign"

An exciting bit of news… A little outside of out usual repertoire, but AEPL has recently released all three Iceni records in collaboration with the now defunct (But still living in spirit) Monolithic Records... 

Dating back to 2005 and a bit of a trip down memory lane here as Iceni was the first band our Founder/CEO Michael W. Bell performed in many years ago at a time when music performance was a very new thing to him.

Iceni played raw heavy metal (black metal if you like) using old English themes as inspiration. Go check them out on all major digital distribution networks now!

Release Details

AEP0009 - Iceni - Defiant Healthen Spirit.jpg

ICENI - Defiant Heathen Spirit

AEP0009 - EP
(Original MR Release: 17.01.2005)

AEP0010 - Iceni - As Carnyx Screams Consume The Silence.jpg

ICENI - As Carnyx Screams Consume The Silence

AEP0010 - LP
(Original MR Release: 17.01.2005)

AEP0011 - Iceni - In Spirit of the Old World.jpg

ICENI - In Spirit of the Old World

AEP0011 - LP
(Original MR Release: 17.01.2005)

Michael W. Bell - Bewailing Under Eastern Skies

AEP0008 - Michael W. Bell  - Bewailing Under The Eastern Skies.jpg

Bewailing Under the Eastern Sky

AEP0008 - Single

An old film cue track composed by Michael W. Bell and originally released independently in 2014, “Bewailing Under the Eastern Sky” attempts to fuse traditional Indian and wester classical instrumentation and time signatures to create a textural emotion piece of music which might lightly appease both cultures. The cue was later released under AEPL in 2017 to bring everything under one roof.

Check it out on all major digital music streaming services or pick it up from us directly over at the AEPL store.

Michael W. Bell - One Day

AEP0007 - Michael W. Bell  - One Day.jpg

One Day

AEP0007 - Single

To celebrate the completion of the short documentary film "One Day", AEPL has released the music cue by Michael W. Bell as a single which is now available to buy and stream worldwide on all major digital streaming services. The cue is also on sale from us directly in our store.

One Day was created by Silver Lining Pictures in the hope of raising mental health awareness worldwide. Mental health is an important conversation which has not been had in many areas of society, we hope our contribution to this film will help to continue spreading the word!

For those interested in the composition process, Mike has uploaded a detailed run-through on his YouTube channel (embedded below).

Michael W. Bell - Blanket (Original Motion Picture Score)

AEP0006 - Michael W. Bell - Blanket.jpg

Blanket (Original Motion Picture Score)

AEP0006 - LP

Wow, our second album release this year, we are on a roll! The release of “Blanket (Original Motion Picture Score)” is is an exciting one for both AEPL and Michael W. Bell as it marks the first release of a full motion picture soundtrack.

Blanket is currently being submitted to film festivals worldwide and were very excited to hear peoples responses, in the meantime, check out the score on your chosen digital music platform or pick it up from our store.

On the composition, the composer had this to say….

“Blanket was a tricky film to write, given the subject matter and minimal dialogue approach, It took me quite a while to discover how to best voice the film musically and keep things minimal enough to not overpower the film. Blanket is a real whirlwind as it tackles a multitude of emotions including depression, happiness, despair. romance, thriller, suspense, horror and regret.. Thank you to everyone who has supported my on this journey thus far, your continued support means the world to me!”
— Michael W. Bell

Michael W. Bell - The Raging of the Falcons

AEP0005 - The Raging Of The Falcons.jpg

MICHAEL W. BELL - The Raging Of The Falcons

AEP0005 - Single

After a series of conversations with our friend and photographer Stuart J. Bland, he convinced Mike to release his short action cue "The Raging of the Falcons" and offered to help out with the cover design, an offer we immediately took him up on.

The track was composed during a quiet period some months ago while using some new sample libraries and recording a YouTube video (embedded below) talking audiences through the composition and how various string sample libraries can be mixed together to achieve a desired sound.

Mike was after this type of hyper action packed tension in a cue for some time, we are pleased to finally be able to share this with the world! Check it on your chosen streaming music platform or pick it up directly from out store.

500,000 Youtube Views | Michael W. Bell - Lurking In The Delta Waves

AEP0004 - Lurking In The Delta Waves.jpg

MICHAEL W. BELL - Lurking In The Delta Waves

AEP0004 - EP

Today, we received some exciting news! The Silver Lining Pictures produced short YouTube documentary "Mad Frankie Fraser: His Last Interview" has exceeded 500,000 views on YouTube, in light of this, we figured it was time to release the score!

Lurking in the Delta Waves is now streaming on Apple Music and available to buy as an EP on the iTunes store, it will be hitting other digital stores over the next couple of days! We have been looking through some of my compositions over the past few weeks and have decided to release an ambient album in the near future, this track is a taster of what to expect from it... If you would prefer to buy from us directly, the cue is available in our store.

Michael W. Bell - Awakening, the Early Scores

AEP0003 - Awaking, the Early Scores Cover.jpg

MICHAEL W. BELL - Awaking, the Early Scores

AEP0003 - LP

Our latest AEP release is “"Awakening, The Early Scores"., by Michael W. Bell… Here are some words from the composer on the release.

”Since the turn of 2016, I feel I've grown musically and am moving into newer realms. I wanted a way to catalogue my progress so far..I see all these pieces as stepping stones in terms of my developing as a composer and while these early scores are very minimal and elementary in terms of composition, I'm very proud of them! It's great for me to be able to listen back to some of the films I've worked on; as such, I have created "Awakening, The Early Scores".

We hope you will check it out on your chosen digital store or steaming service...

iTunes/Apple Music

Michael W. Bell - Dolour

AEP0002 - Michael W. Bell - Dolour.jpg


AEP0002 - Single

Dolour is the second single AEPL have released by Michael W. Bell. Mike intended the track to sound aged and something which could perhaps underscore a ballet dancer, or a sombre tale. By using a grand piano throughout the entire composition and light supporting instrumentation, we believe Mike has done just that! Check out his classical/fusion single on your chosen music streaming platform, or pick it up in our store now.

Michael W. Bell - Maritime Discoveries

AEP0001 - Michael W. Bell - Maritime Discoveries.jpg

Maritime Discoveries

AEP0001 - Single

We are extremely excited to have released our first single which is on it’s way to the major digital music stores as we speak.

Maritime Discoveries is a dark ambient track designed by Michael W. Bell while he was at university. The track is build up entirely of “found sound”, no instrumentations have been used. Mike fused, stretched, pitched, layered, faded, reversed and essentially went a little mad during the design, which he says happened during a single evening.

We think the track is a perfect underscore to an underwater scene and very much hope ambient music lovers and underwater film makers will enjoy the track. Look out for it on your chosen music streaming platform, or pick up the track in our store.