Composing Music: Tangitise (Identity/Branding)

Our friend and colleague Steve Hope-Wynne over at Tangitise Ltd approached us with a brief to compose a short music score complimenting the branding for his company branding and voice over introduction. 

After reviewing the footage, Mike decided to take a modern-meets-elegant approach and employed the use of synthesisers, flutes, strings, horns, pianos and light percussion to complete the piece.

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Designing Sound: Silver Hound Films (Identity/Branding)

Silver Lining Pictures and Mediahound Films have joined forces to create "Silver Hound Films", a film production company with one aim... To create high quality adverts, idents and show reels for companies and brands. Motion graphics artist David Turner created an immersive and visually rich ident for the company and we were tasked with the job of designing the sound.

Manipulating found sounds and combining sub-bass drones, high end swells and of course modern sound design instruments such Gravity, Mike was able to create a heavy atmosphere and add impacting sounds for the thunder, howles and rain ending the cue abruptly to allow the team to seamlessly flow into their future visuals.