Composing: Legends: The Kray Twins Story (Documentary)

After the recent success of the Frankie Fraser online documentary which hit 35,000 views in just one month, I recently collaborated with my friends Louis Frost and Bob Taylor of Silver Lining Pictures to produced yet another original score for another short animated documentary, this time focused on the notorious London gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray. 

Silver Lining provided me with just a few drawings of which I was to base a 13 minute composition on, this was a real challenge for me as I'm so used to composing directly to picture. I was told the music would need to be atmospheric, but still musical and repeat but still change in timbre and mood, below are the results.

Louis cut the trailer to my music and I think he did a great job of it too! I really enjoyed working in this way, while a little nerve wrecking that I may be going off point, to which Louis constantly assured me I was not, It gave me much musical freedom and I believe I managed to encompass many emotive qualities throughout the score.

You can view the documentary via YouTube above and check out the composition on its own below, I really hope you enjoy it! 

Sound Design: Æ HAR DET BARE BRA: In The Festivals (Animation)

We have just heard that Meredith Strandquist’s “Æ Har Det Bare Bra”; a short animated film Mike designed the sound for has been entered into the festivals!

The film was shown at the following film festivals during 2013, winning 3rd place on two occasions and receiving some great feedback from Innsbruck, very well done Meredith!

Innsbruck Nature Film Festival in Innsbruck, Austria
Winner in 3rd Place

“With minimal financial means the producer has managed to create an animated film which has moved all of us – because in only 60 seconds it transports more content than many a 90-minute documentary. The hero, drawn in a simple caricature style, is a polar bear – the emblematic animal of climate change – who has resigned himself to his fate. He lives in a house, opens the refrigerator when he is hungry and makes himself a sandwich with canned tuna and iceberg lettuce. Then he casts a nostalgic glance out of the window where his world melts away and sighs: Aren’t I lucky? The short story impresses the audience with its style, subtle humor and the serious, even sad message – and thus deserves the third prize.”

Fredrikstad Animation Festival in Fredrikstad, Norway
Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Atlanta, Georgia - Winner in 3rd Place
GIRAF Animation Festival in Alberta, Canada
KLIK! in Amsterdam, Netherlands