Welcome to Aurora Eclipse Productions Ltd, a UK based music production company, studio, publisher and independent record label created by Michael W. Bell to primarily specialise in the composition, sound design, production and release of cinematic focused music for film, TV, trailer, documentary, video game, company branding and more. 

AEPL also provide audio post production services and consultancy for audiovisual projects and work with bands and artists to produce their vision and bring a cinematic edge to their music wherever possible.

LATEST Releases

MICHAEL W. BELL - Revenge Is Sweet

AEP00012 - Single

ICENI - In Spirit of the Old World

AEP0011 - LP

ICENI - As Carnyx Screams Consume The Silence

AEP0010 - LP

ICENI - Defiant Heathen Spirit

AEP0009 - EP


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